Introduction: Secret Marker

This is a great place to hide small jewelry, small messages, and money/checks. It writes like a normal marker so if someone uses it, they will have no idea that you are hiding things in the cartridge tube. You pull off the top cap of the marker and voila! You can put anything you want in there and no one could predict that is your secret hiding spot. Also, since the ink tip is in the marker, I didn't want thee valuables to become covered in ink. So to prevent the ink touching your valuables, there is a small foam circle right about the ink tip to prevent the ink from getting on your prized possessions. It is easy and cheap to make and takes no time.

Step 1: Find a Marker

Not much to it! Just find a marker that will fit whatever you are hiding. We are using a blue washable crayola marker. We are hiding checks and a pair of earring which were the perfect size for the marker.

Step 2: Remove the Top of the Marker and Take Out the Ink

Most markers top can be easily taken off. We used pliers which worked perfectly. We also took out the ink cartridge with the same pliers. The ink cartridge is the tube in the center of the marker.

Step 3: Take Out the Tip

This step is optional but it makes the process a lot less messy. We also used pliers for this step.

Step 4: Cut Out a Small Foam Circle That Fits Inside the Marker

This step will make sure the ink won't get in any of your valuables. You don't need the tip but this way you can still write with the marker.

Step 5: Place the Tip Back in

Once you get the foam circle inside and at the bottom of the marker, place back the tip. This will bring the marker back to normal and have it writing again. Once again having the marker fully functional will make the hiding spot even more unexpected.

Step 6: Pick the Items and Place It in the Marker Tube

Once you have gathered your valuables that you know fit the marker, put them in and you are ready to go. The marker is a great place for money and small jewelry like earrings.

Step 7: Pop on the Cap and You Are Done

All you need to do it pop back on the top of the marker you originally took off. Once the cap is on your secret marker is finished.

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