Introduction: Secret Message Cupcakes!

This is a fun project that can be varied widely-- for example: vanilla cupcakes with chocolate cupcake cats baked inside, chocolate cupcakes with pumpkin-flavored pumpkins inside, or tons of other messages!

I had a ton of fun making these; and although I have no intention of actually getting engaged any time soon, I thought proposal secret message cupcakes would be super cute!

Step 1: Make Red Velvet Sheet Cake

Choose your favorite red velvet cake recipe and bake it in a sheet pan. After baking, let cool until room temperature. I sped up the process by using the fridge.

Step 2: Cut Shapes

With cookie cutters or just a knife, cut out whatever letters or shapes you like. Make sure they are no taller or wider than your cupcake papers. (It's better to err on the side of them being too short!)

Step 3: Bake Your Shapes Into Cupcakes!

Prepare your favorite vanilla cake batter (I used this one:

Put a tiny amount of vanilla batter at the bottom of each cupcake paper. Then place a pre-cut red velvet piece into one cupcake, and fill around the red velvet with more vanilla. Make sure to cover the top of the red velvet piece as well.

My vanilla batter made 12 cupcakes, but you could find another one that makes much more. I baked my cupcakes at 350 degrees for about half an hour, but this will vary depending on your recipe.

Step 4: Reveal the Message

Frost the cupcakes, and add any sprinkles/ goodies you like. Before frosting, make sure to note where your letters are inside of your cupcakes! This is important, in order to cut the cupcake in half correctly.

Enjoy! :)

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