Secret Pillar in the Living Room

Introduction: Secret Pillar in the Living Room

Secret Pillar in the living room is to keep our secret documents or hardisks or cash or others.

I shown the model of the secret pillar 

Step 1: Model Workings Components

I wants to show the sample which is to be look like in a real one.

The materials used for the model buliding 
Some sketches

Step 2: Making

Using the cardboard to make a Three Pillars

And assembled those pillars shown in the picture.

On the top of the pillar we can Leave a hole and hide the hole .

In the real hose the same should be follow. The pillar is look like a pillar for everyone. But we only know that there is hole.
we can hide the hole by using tiles or Marbles on the top. It should look like ordinary floor only.

Step 3: Final

I shown the final model 

It is the secret pillar. we can build this pillar in or living house to hide our secret things within the pillar.

Just i shown the model of the house with pillars. i hope that you can understand.


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    This is an awesome model! Were you able to make a secret pillar in your living room?