Introduction: Secret Room

If you are thinking of a special area to hide your private things then you are on the right instructable. All you need is 4 ingredients.


1. Wood

2.Drill Machine(Transocean)



Step 1: Preparing the Photo Frame

1. You need to take a 4 foot -4-inch long wood and the thickness of 50mm 2. And then you need to take a 3 foot -9-inch wide wood and a thickness of 50mm.

Step 2: Uniting Them.

Make pocket holes like the above. And then insert the screws to attach the wooden pieces

Step 3: Put in a Picture

Put on any picture you like. Like anything. The picture above is an example. Now the next step is really important.

Step 4: Last But Not the Least: Hinges!

Remove the wood from the circled area above. Now you need to put in the hinges where you removed the wood so you can swing it back and forth.

Step 5: Overview.

Secret Room

Preparing the Photo Frame

Uniting Them.

Put in a Picture

The Passcode Below.

Last But Not the Least: Hinges!

Step 6: Where to Buy?