Introduction: Secret Safe From Old CD's

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CD's and DVD's will soon be joining VHS and Floppy disk club.

USB pen drives and on-line storage have replaced optical data storage.

Don't throw away those old CD's or DVD's. There might be be another use for them.

In this Instructuble, I made a secret safe from old CD's/DVD's.

Step 1: Draw a Circle

I used "cake box" type of case full with different CD's/DVD's.

I put a small 8 cm CD on top of other CD's and used it to draw a circle.

Spindle cake box was very handy for the procedure.

Step 2: Cut the Cirlce

Then, I cut out the circles.

If you have mixed CD's/DVD's, you'll find that some will be easier to cut than others.

Step 3: Glue Them Together

I clamped them together and glued the inner sides with epoxy glue.

Step 4: Make a Lid

When glue was dry, I trimmed upper part of the hole to fit the small CD.

Step 5: Make a Lid

To make sure the lid is not see-through, I used a permanent marker to colour the small CD.

Then I glued a normal CD on top.

Step 6: Make a Lid

I removed the spindle and cut it shorter.

One end was covered with the painters tape, so it would not slip through the CD.

Other end was glued to the CD.

Lid was finished.

Step 7: Fix the Bottom

I glues a few CD's at the bottom of cake box.

As there was a hole from the spindle, I covered it with a piece of plastic (from another CD) and more CD's.

Step 8: Put It All Together

Then I glued the ring to the cake box and used felt to make the safe look neater.

Your secret safe is ready!