Introduction: Secret Safe in the Jar | Sugru

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In this project we will be making a secret safe in a jar.

We will need:

  • 3x Mayonnaise jars (can be ketchup or any other food)
  • Bottle cutter
  • Glass cutter
  • Sugru
  • White- tack or Blue-Tack
  • Some glue
  • White acrylic paint (optional)

Step 1:

Start by cutting/etching the jars with bottle cutter.

Separate the glass, using candle and ice method or any other method you prefer.

Step 2:

Use glass cutter to cut a piece out of the ring.

We sanded the edges of the ring. You don't have to do it, unless it is really sharp.

Step 3:

We painted 2 of the pieces white.

Step 4:

Then we joined 3 pieces together with “Sugru”, making a little safe.

2x bottom pieces with a ring in the middle.

Step 5:

After that, we filled the remaining bottom piece with mayonnaise. It's better to use something that is not food, to make sure pieces stay together. You can try paint or PVA glue.

After that, we put the safe on top of the piece filled with mayonnaise and used "Sugru" to secure it.

Step 6:

After that ,we attached the final top piece.

Step 7:

We glued back the original label and another one on top.

We did not put any glue on the part where the hole is. We used white-tack to make the label stick to the jar.

If your label does not cover the area where the glass is joint, you can print a custom label, a little bit bigger than original.

Step 8:

Once “Sugru” had dried,
we filled the top piece with mayonnaise.

Now you can hide your valuables from other people.