Introduction: Secret Treasure Box 9B J05364 李齊

Sometimes, we don't want other people to discover our secrets. Therefore, the purpose of this product is to hide things under a board. When people are looking at the cones, they would see nothing but ordinary things. Then, as I electrify my machine, the screw inside the cone will start to turn, and eventually push the board in the middle, which expose things under the board. This is the purpose of my machine.

Step 1: ​Materials Needed for Circuit

1. USB Cable *1

2. USB Hub *1

3. Normal Wire *6

4. Crocodile Clip "2

5. Direct Current Motor *1

6. L298N Motor Driver *1

7. Screw *1

8. Nut *1

Step 2:

Here are some details about the circuit diagram:

1. Connect GND(negative) to the negative charge

2. Connect D-Pin 11 & 12 to DC motor control

3. 1 wires from the negative charge connect to DC motor control

4. 1 wire from the negative charge connects to the USB hub

5. 1 wire from DC motor control connects to the USB hub

6. Two wires from DC motor control connects to the crocodile clips

7. Crocodile clips would hold the motor

Step 3: Code

Step 4: Decoration

1 Paper tube *1

2. Shoe box *1

Step 5: Demonstration