Introduction: Secret Wood Ring

Hey I'm Batmantwo and I'm a 15 year old who loves making things so here's my instrutable
Secret wood ring PLEASE VOTE FOR ME NOW
I have wanted to do something that challenged me and also something I enjoyed this is a piece of jewellery that is tough but still looks nice these rings are unique to me because no one of the can be the same they are all different as well as this I am in year nine at school and I'm doing this for a school project
If someone would be interested in buying one of these rings email me at for price and quote on custom rings made to order

Step 1: Choosing the Right Peice of Wood

You have to chose a piece of wood that you can snap. The different types of wood snap differently just like a hard wood snaps the best for me because the splinters on it are straight and long. But you can still use a softwood if you prefer it.

Step 2: Snapping the Wood

Snap the wood to create the affect of the splinters in the resin
Snap the wood by place if one side of the timber on top of a brick or other object and use a sledge hammer or other hammer to split the timber into two peices.

Step 3: Making the Mould

Take the measurements of the price of timber and make a box that the timber can fit in. Glue this box together with super glue or hot glue and make sure that all the joints are sealed. Than spray a mould reslease spray in the mould to make it easier to release easier

Step 4: Pouring the Resin

Once all the joints in the mould have been sealed and the glue is dry than place the wood in the mould and mix the resin. My resin Was a two part mix that was mixed two parts of resin to one part hardener and mix this well to add a colour to this I used food couloiring that was in gel form because it worked the best just one squeeze was enough

Step 5: Removing the Mould

Once the resin has set and dried for 24 hours that you can take the peice out of the mould.

Step 6: Drilling the Hole

To drill the hole you will need to determine the size of the hole your finger will fit in and to do this you can take a scrap price of wood and drill a few holes in it to find out the size of the hole you need once you have determined the size of the hole take the wood and find the centre of it then take the same sized drill bit and sell the hill right through.

Step 7: Shaping

Using a sander of some sort start shaping the ring into the design you want

Step 8: Final Sanding

Sand the whole ring up to 2000 grit to get ready for the buffing step
Ps the more sanding you do the better the final result

Step 9: Buffing

Using a bench buffer and some buffing compound take the ring and press it lightly on to the wheel and be careful not to push hard because it can fly out of you hand

Step 10: Plastic Polish

Apply plastic polish or other polish to a old rag and buff it onto the ring and than buff it off
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