Introduction: Secret Compartment Electric Outlet

What you need:
Electric outlet
Item that will fit in outlet
Electric Outlet cover

Warning- Do NOT insert anything metal in the outlet

Step 1: Locate a Power Outlet

Step 2: Unscrew the Outlet

Step 3: You Will See an Empty Space

Step 4: Find Any Item You Want to Put in the Space

Step 5: (Optional)

You can use a door hinge by drilling holes in your wall next to the outlet. It takes extra work, but you can access your item quicker. To secure it, put nails in the hole to hold it.

Step 6: Put Your Item in the Hole

You dont want it to hang out of the outlet like this.

Step 7: Secure the Item

My item is pretty well concealed and is not as noticeable.

Step 8: Put Your Cover Back On

This item fits very well, so now we want to put the cover on. It is the same as taking it off just backwards. Put the cover on and the hold a nail in its place. With your free hand, use a screwdriver to drive it in. Repeat this process until every screw is back in.

Step 9: Your Cover Should Be Back On

If you are not sure, lightly pull it with your hand. It should look like this picture.

Step 10: Your Are Now Finished

Your secret compartment is complete.

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