Introduction: Secrete Map Earrings...

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Maps are crucial to research within Human Geography as they give context to demographic information. Maps also enable human geographers to give visual evidence to support claims which can be manipulated into presentation techniques such as choropleth maps.
Maps can be used in secret missions too but the demand is thad they should be totally secret so in this instructables we will learn how to make our impossible secret mission possible using these secret earrings.......
Lets start...................


For this we will need.
1 drawning paper.
2 tracing paper.
3 carbon paper.
4 pen/pencil.
5 scissors.
6 scale.
7 masking tape.
8 glue.
9 colours.
10 bottle caps-2.
11 coin cells-2.
12 LED - 2.
13 switch buttons-2.
14 wire.
15 pliers.
16 earrings hooks-2.

Step 1: Cut the Caps.

Take the bottle caps and cut the inner circle of the caps.

Step 2: Hook It.

1 Trace the cap on the parer and cut it out.
2 Now fold it half, one more time repeat the process.
3 Now we have 1/4 th part open it and you can see the center, highlight it.
4 Now with help of circle cutout make the hole in the center of bottle cap.
5 Now take a conducting wire and make 2 loops of it.
6 Now pass them through the hole in the bottle cap and fold the both legs of wire in opposite direction so that it don't come out.
7 Now pass the earrings hook from the loop and fix it.
8 Repeat the process with the other cap.

Step 3: Make the Circuit....

Step 4: Trace Map on Paper.

Step 5: Glue It.

Step 6: Decorate the Earrings.

Step 7: Done.

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