Introduction: Secure Any Padlock - TetraProof!!

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The basic idea is to craft a simple insert to apply to the locks mechanism, which occupies the space exploited by the "shim" technique.

This I'ble will show you how to prevent a shimalaOpen Any Padlock Tetranitrate style being used to open your padlocks.

With all those shims out there spawned by that I'ble, we need some means of preventing people from using them to gain access to our valuables.

These only take a second or two each to make and won't cost you anything...
Just like the shims...

You better be quick those shims are easy to make and the criminals are coming to violate your padlocks..

What are you waiting for??

Lets begin...

Step 1: Materials

You don't need much for these.

~ Aluminium can (Preferably of the alcoholic type and better still, full to begin with.)
~ Scissors
~ Super-Glue

Quick that's what you need to make the shims!!
Run RUN!!
Don't let the thieves beat you to a can!

Note: It would be a good idea, to throw some gloves on also. Those cans bite!!

Step 2: Constructing the Device

Slice the top and bottom off the can.

Cut a vertical line up the side.

Flatten your sheet out by placing it down on a table and smoothing it out.

Now cut out as many little pieces as you need... you should be able to make 1000's from one can.

Once you have your strips, move onto the next step.

Step 3: Adjusting for Size

Now that we have our strips we need to adjust them to suit our padlock.
This is a simple process which involves taking the strip and wrapping it tightly around the shaft of the padlock.
This is done as to allow it to be inserted inside the padlock, to restrict the shim from being inserted.

It needs to be only one layer thick the entire way around. No over-lapping or it will be too thick for the shaft to be inserted.

You will notice in the picture that you will need to ascertain where in the tab lies which engages to notch on the shaft. We need to modify the strip to accommodate the tab and not impede its movement.

Step 4: Inserting and Fixing the Device Into Place.

Once the device is of the correct size to fit into your padlock, apply a drop of your super glue and insert.
Make sure that you insert it as not to impede the mechanism.

It must line up exactly or the lock will fail.

Once you have inserted the device. (Notice how I'm calling it a device now? LoL.)
close the locks shaft as to force the insert against the side walls to set.

Wait until it has cured and release the locks shaft. It may need a little help as some glue may have made contact with it. Once out clean shaft of any excess glue, apply some lubricant to the shaft and lock mechanism.

Step 5: Your Finished!!

There you have it, one Tetra-Proofed Padlock

I can finally rest assured now that the Ying and Yang, of all our padlocks security equilibrium has been re-aligned once again...

Take THAT shims.

Maybe shims can't open any padlock