Secure Arduino Remote

Introduction: Secure Arduino Remote

This is an example of how to make an ultra secure wireless (garage) remote.

Usually remotes have rolling code type security, which can be bypassed by any advanced thief.

This remote system relies on using a 16 byte key, so hacking into it would be a chance of one out of

3,4028236692093846346337460743177e+38 (256^16)

How it works:

1. Remote sends request for system

2. System generates random code and sends it to remote

3. Remote encrypts that code using unique key and sends it back to system

4. System decodes received code using same key and checks if it matches it's randomly generated code.

5. ...

For a button I used TTP223 touch sensor


Parts required - 2 NRF24L01 wireless tranceivers, two arduinos, 2.54mm cables, a button (DUE won't work)

Step 1: Connecting NRF24's

Connect each wireless module to each Arduino SPI pins -

Step 2: Connect a Button (any Button, Not Really Necessary)

Step 3: Upload Code to Both Arduinos (remote Part)


Step 4: Upload Code to Both Arduinos (garage Part)


Step 5: Result

Serial monitor print '1' every time I press a button - that means that connection was secure and data was encrypted correctly.

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