Secure Weights in Vertical Blinds

Introduction: Secure Weights in Vertical Blinds

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When I moved into my home the previous owner left the window treatments, which is fancy talk for blinds. A handful of windows had vertical blinds which are made up of strips of fabric that are folded over and sewed at the end. This makes a pocket open at both sides where a metal weight is inserted to keep the blinds straight. The weights have small holes on two opposing corners to clip into a decorative chain. The chain also keeps the individual strips somewhat orderly.

My blinds do not have the decorative chains so the weighs can fall out easily. And frequently. When one of the pockets also ripped I had the idea to fix it with a little hot glue. While I was at it I decided to try to keep the weights in place.

In this Instructable I will demonstrate a simple and fast way to secure the weights.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

I used a mini hot glue gun and several glue sticks per window. Gather up your weights and let your glue gun come up to temperature.

Step 2: Insert Weight Into Fabric Pocket.

I decided to inset the weights with the holes on top. Choose your own adventure.

I moved the weight to a relatively centered position.

Step 3: Insert Glue Gun

I then pushed the tip of the glue gun in between the fabric and weight. I positioned the tip into one of the holes and filled the hole with a small amount of glue. It was about 3/4 of a squeeze on my glue gun. I then pinched either side of the fabric together over the hole to get a good bond between the glue, weight, and fabric. It was a little toasty, but manageable.

Initially it looked like the glue stained through the fabric, but when it cooled it was unnoticeable.

Repeat on the other hole on the same weight to make it extra secure. Then repeat for the remainder of the weights. Each window took about 5 minutes, so it moves along fast.

Step 4: Complete

I had a handful of windows to complete and all together it took about 20 minutes. So far none have fallen out and they seem quite secure.

Thanks for reading.

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    6 years ago

    You could also use a needle and thread and just sew the metal part to the blind using the hole in the weight. I never understood why they come supplied as they do and fall out. They really need to slot into a pocket


    Reply 6 years ago

    That's a good idea too, I bet a curved needle would be easier to get in there if you are sewing from the inside out to hide the knot. I searched for clips to keep them in place, but I didn't find anything. This was the fastest option I came up with. Thanks!