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Introduction: Secure Wifi Lock Box Timer

Create a secure wifi timer lock box.  You will be able to control your child from getting on the internet late at night.  You can also control when your child is on X-Box live.  I chose to put my project in a military ammo box that I purchased from a gun show. The purpose in putting the timer in a lock box is to keep your child from messing with the timer and thus resetting the timer.

The following items are needed for this project.
1 padlock
1 lock hasp
1 metal box
   (military ammo box)
1 electrical enclosure
   (Conduit Box)
1 electrical receptacle
1 receptacle cover
1 power cord
1 7 day timer
2 rubber grommets
2 small bolts and nuts
Optional paint

Step 1: Weld the Hasp

I took my military box to a friend and had him to weld a lock hasp on the front of the box so it could be locked.

Step 2: Drill the Holes

I drilled two holes in the back of the box. One hole for the power cord to enter the box and one hole for the power cord to exit the box that will go to the wifi router. I put two rubber grommets in the holes to protect the power cords.

Step 3: Install the Conduit Box and Wire Up.

Mount the conduit box by drilling two holes in the bottom of the conduit box.  Drill through the bottom of the metal ammo box. Secure the box using two small bolts and two nuts. Make sure that you push the screws through the bottom of the box and secure using the nuts inside of the box. you will also want to make sure you use a screw with a small head. 

NOTE*** When drilling the hole make sure you drill in the center of the box bottom. The bottom has a recessed area and this will prevent your screws from sticking out.  if you don't follow these instructions your box will not sit level.

  Feed the power cord through the hole in the back of the box and wire up the receptacle. Put the receptacle cover on.

Step 4: Program the Timer

Program the timer box and plug it in. I took the power cord to my wireless router and plugged it into the timer. I then ran the power cord from the router through the second hole and plugged it into the router. Now the timer controls the power to my router and I can lock the box. I now have control of the internet time and the X-Box Live. I set the timer to make the wireless router go off in the mornings so my son wont be on the internet. I also have it programmed so that it goes off at supper time and bed time. Life is so much easier now that I control the internet and Xbox Live.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    This is a creative idea to solve the problem, especially if your router doesn't have the following feature. You might also want to look into your routers settings. Mine has an access restrictions page where you can control Internet usage based on day and time of day. You can also set it to only block certain computers so you still have access. Don't forget to password protect your router though or it can all be undone.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    True, but this way he can save a bit of money in electricity and extend the life cycle of the router.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    @ Drew, I attempted to set up my router but I could not get it to recognize the X-Box. I am running DD-WRT on my Netgear - N600 - WNDR 3400. Anyone have any suggestions. However the lock box works great except I can't use the internet when the timer shuts it off.