Introduction: Security System Using 1Sheeld

in this project , using 1Sheeld to build a security system with ultrasonic and the keypad included in the application of the shield .

Step 1: Component Used for This Project

1 - Arduino Uno (or any type of Arduino family).

2 - 1Sheeld .

3 - application of the shield and a smartphone .

4 - LEDs .

5 - ultrasonic .

6 - breadboard .

7 - wires .

Step 2: Get Start the Project

first you must download the shield app from this link on you smartphone

the library of the shield

how to get start with the 1shield

this security system can be used to detect if someone has entered your home after entering the password wrong for 3 times .

if the password has be entered 3 times wrong the shield will send a message to your mobile alarm you that there is someone try to enter your home .

the ultrasonic will detect if someone had already entered the home or not ,if yes the shield will post on your facebook timeline to get help from your neighbors .

Step 3: Arduino Code and Hardware

connection will be as the image below

/* Arduino cade */

Step 4: Project Simulation

when you enter the password (1234) the led blink and the terminal show that the entered password

one is pressed

two is pressed

three is pressed

four is pressed then... welcome home

if the password is wrong for the first three digits it will send a message to your mobile and show that also on the terminal