Security System Using Arduino and 1sheeld




Introduction: Security System Using Arduino and 1sheeld

The design is dead simple that Arduino uno and 1sheeld boards are used , sensors to perform a security system

Step 1: Components

  • Arduino uno
  • 1sheeld
  • base board
  • grove light sensor
  • grove knob sensor
  • led

Step 2: Download

download 1sheeld library from this link

download 1sheeld app from this link

get this tutorial to know how to use 1sheeld

Step 3: Software

a security system is built as we use the keypad sheeld in 1sheeld application to enter a specific password to generate a security system (led is on as indication of a right password) if the door is open (knob at angle 45 or more)

light sensor is on ,

in 1sheeld application camera sensor is on taking images , music player is on, sms is sent to your twitter account

1sheeld libarary is used .

Step 4: Prototype

1sheeld is mounted on the base board that has knob and light sensor

the base board is mounted on the Arduino board

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    6 years ago

    Cool! Thanks for sharing this simple idea!