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Introduction: See Inside Pencil Case

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This is a fun and easy sewing project. Have fun personalizing with fun fabrics and ribbon

Step 1:

2 Scraps of woven fabric 12" x 6 same fabric or coordinating .
1 scrap of vinyl 6" x 8"
12" of 1" wide grosgrain ribbon
1 set of snaps

Sewing machine
Snap setter
Small cup
Legal paper or news paper

Step 2:

Make pattern by drawing an 8" x 5" rectangle and a 11" x 5" rectangle
Use the cup to trace a curve along 2 corners of the 11" x 5" rectangle.
Cut out pattern

Step 3:

Cut 2 fabric pieces from the 11" x 5"

Step 4:

Cut 1 vinyl piece from the 8 " x 5" pattern Do Not Pin! Trace on to vinyl if you need to.

Step 5:

Place ribbon 1  1/2" down from top edge of vinyl piece. ( I placed over pattern so you can see)
Sew along each side of ribbon. Make sure the ribbon is on top when you sew.  Lengthen stitch to 4, not quite a basting stitch.

Step 6:

Cut excess ribbon to be used as binding for top edge.
Fold ribbon in half sandwiching the vinyl between.  Pin carefully and zigzag stitch along edge.

Step 7:

Trim excess ribbon.  Mark Center of flat ribbon for snap placement. Attach snap. You could use a hook and loop tape if you don't have snaps.

Step 8:

Layer right side of inside with wrong side of pocket then place wrong side of outside on top.

Step 9:

Pin carefully about 1/4" from edge so the pin holes don't show. Sew with a 1/2" seam allowance, starting at the top going down and around leaving an opening of 2" at the top. ( indicated by the black marks )

Remember to use a longer straight stitch for vinyl.

Step 10:

Trim corners and turn right side out. As you work the project flat you can use an awl to pull the corners from the fabric side only.

Step 11:

Top stitch from vinyl side and catch the opening at the top.
As you are top stitching parts may be bulky. With the.needle down lift up the presser foot. If that doesn't help with needle up lift the presser foot and move very slightly then continue stitching. (especially in the corners)

Step 12:

Install the snap . Use the awl to line it up.

Now you are done!

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    Madeline Hatter
    Madeline Hatter

    6 years ago

    So easy! I may be a kid but this just needs creativity and a twinge of parent's help!

    I must say that this is done very well too.



    10 years ago on Introduction

    This is awesome. These would make great back to school presents. :)


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! I just tried but I don't know if I did it correctly.