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Introduction: See How to Make a Square Crystal Ring

About: Hi, I am passionate about making crystal rings with Swarovski Crystals, I have a site on them.

See how to make this striking Square Crystal Ring, a bigger version and a way to make variations on Crystal Rings , plus variations with the band.So get creative try this simple ring, do it in as I have done it or simply use one color overall, either way it will be your masterpiece.

Step 1: Items Needed to Make This Square Crystal Ring

24-4mm Czech Beads
36-4mm Swarovski Crystal Bead , 12 in clear (a), 24 in dark shade (b)
No.8 Jap seed beads or regular seed bead
Fishing Line 0,20mm in thickness (fly or nylon)
2 No.10 Zohata beading needles with big eye
Hypo-cement or craft glue

Step 2: Base of Square Crystal Ring

• Thread 2 needles with nylon adding 3 of the Czech beads; add the 4th bead to one of the threads, and then cross other needle through it as well. It should look like 4 beads, like a miniature square.
• Repeat twice more but end up with thread on the right side; it will look like three squares.
• Add 3 beads to top thread, crossing other thread through it, put needle through the next bead below, add 2 beads, cross other thread through bottom bead. Repeat again ending with the threads on the side of bead, you have two rows.
• Continue like above, so you end up with 3 rows of 4 little squares.

Step 3: Top of Square Crystal Ring

• Start with 2 needles with thread threaded from first little square. On the top right hand corner add a (a) color Swarovski crystal bead, a seed bead, another (a) color Swarovski crystal bead, going through left hand side of the bottom of little square Czech base bead. Take other needle from left side of square add 1 Swarovski Crystal Bead of (b) color go through seed bead, add another (b) color crystal bead, now go through left side Czech bead on base.
• Repeat but only use (b) color Swarovski beads.
• Now reverse the first step of crystal, where you used (a) use (b) and visa versa.
• Middle row is all (b) with a seed bead, then all (a) color square, then all (b) color square.
• For the 3rd row (a) crystal bead comes from left side and (b) crystal come from right side.
• Middle one is (b) crystal bead.
• Bottom of 3rd row is (a) crystal bead from right side, (b) color from left side.

Step 4: Band of Square Crystal Ring

Starting from Czech bead on the side of the square, add 6 seed beads on each thread, add 1 more seed bead on one side, then with other side thread, put the needle through, repeat 3 more times, (check for size of finger, for smaller fingers do twice more). Then add 6 beads on ether thread, then go through opposite side from where you started Czech bead.
Go to opposite side, so if looking from side one thread comes out of side of middle Czech bead and one on the end of the 3 Czech beads. For middle one add 2 beads then let needle go through 3rd seed bead of band just done add 3 more seed beads, on other thread add 6 beads, add 1 more bead on one, thread through with opposite needle, carry on until you have finished the band
If this is not too your liking try the variation below.
You can even just make one thin band starting from middle Czech bead, using the same method below on variation.

Step 5: Variation of Band of Crystal Ring

Band of Crystal Ring
1. Get a strand of nylon line on 2 needles, then thread through left side of Czech bead. (Seed Beads from top of ring holes on top and bottom-guide on where on square)
 2. Add 2 seed beads on each thread; add another 2 seed beads, cross the other needle through last 2 seed beads.
 3. Add 2 more seed beads on each, then 2 seed beads and cross through with other needle.
4. Carry on until desired length, 9-links for small fingers on Jap seed beads, 10 for bigger fingers.
Adjust, measure on finger as you make the band, or use a ring sizer (free download paper ring sizer on the web)

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