Introduction: See Yourself Mirrors

This was made where? At TechShop SF of course!

Clearly I'm on a mission here. If you can't see that, try some Windex on it.

You can see the finished product on ETSY if you want you could even buy one that you don't have to make, but this is an Instructable and you're on this website, so probably not then. 

For this size just grab any ordinary mirror that happens to be an 11x14" mirror, or that you can cut down to 11x14.

Download the CDR file.

Etch the back of the mirror however you can etch. San Blasting, Acid, Laser etc... If you etch the front, the luminance isn't going to be able to back light. 

I did it using a laser engraver. (I SAID THE BACK!!!)

WARNING: If you etch the front of the mirror with A LASER the results WILL BEcatastrophic. It's a laser beam. 

Find some high quality glass stain paint and fill in the etching with the colors of your choice and then mat and mount in a frame.

You should leave the back off so that you can back light it and the colors will come through brilliantly.

You can also use a mirror with no frame, and some suction cup tape to hang it on a bathroom mirror. Make sure the mirror has nice edges and won't cut anyone. You could mount it carefully to a window as well. 

Paint the back the same color as the walls in that room before you etch it so that if any part of it can be seen from the back it looks pretty.

The idea here is that when you see yourself in the mirror, it projects back onto you all the things that remind you of your intrinsic value. This is the person that matters most in your life and should not be held up to the light by anyone else. If you're blind have someone etch it for you on the front so you can read it.

Not that it did me any good, but I went to college and even got good grades (except that one semester). I'm not setting the bar that high for anyone though when I put educated in the mix. If you are illiterate and can't read the mirror then you certainly can't read this and you can't be insulted. If you can read it, then you're educated and be glad for that.

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