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Introduction: Seed Bon Bons

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Instead of chocolate, give the sweet gift of nature.  These seed bon bons are ready to plant in the ground and develop some Sweet Peas in the hue of Cupid.  Just perfect for Valentine's Day!  I made them for my mom.  She always tells my dad that she doesn't want flowers or candy, so I deduced both of those ideas into SEEDS in the SHAPE of candy.  Haha.  (I saw these for sale online, but they only had 8 seed pods and they weren't very pretty...and they were expensive.  (Granted - great/cute idea.) But not for $20.  So I decided to recreate them in my own way, and this is what we've got!  Enjoy!

Update: The original creator of the "Garden Bon Bons" joined instructables to send me a message! I had forgotten what they were called, and now I can tell you, because she told me :D.  So there you have it! 

Step 1: What You Need.

Dirt from your backyard - no rocks or roots.
Old/cheap spoon or a shovel.
Cup/bowl to mix your "batter" in.
Candy cups/wrappers from cake shop.
Box of your preference, from a cake shop.
Ribbon to make it pretty, from Michaels.
SEEDS of your choosing.  :)

Step 2: Mix the Mud!

Basically, you want to slowly add water and mix it up, mashing the dirt balls and making a smooth, yet grainy consistency.  You want it to resemble cement mixture.  Don't make goopy mud, that's yucky.  :)

Step 3: Add the Seeds.

Roll your ball of mud, press it into the shape that you'd like with your finger tip and then poke a seed into the center and seal the mud around it.  Keep working it to the shape you desire, and the smooth texture on top.

Then drop them into a candy wrapper cup and it will lightly plop into place.

Step 4: Garnish.

If you'd like some variation, just like the usual boxes of candy - find some pieces of nature from your backyard/whatever yard and press them into the top, as soon as you've plopped the bon bon into the wrapper.  The moisture will sort-of adhere it.  Then you will have some really natural and awesome seed bon bons that will look great mixed up in the box!

Step 5: Fill Your Package!

Whether you want to individually wrap them and give them out as a party favor of some sort, or if you'd like to put them into a gift box, package away.

One tip is to let them get crowded.  It looks natural to fill the tray/box and have the wrappers NOT hold the perfect round shape.  I actually made a perfect amount (lucked out) and I placed them all into the box with variation and keeping the textures mixed up.

Step 6: Ribbons.

I bought this canvas-looking ribbon at Michael's because I couldn't find any raffia.  Basically - natural says a lot.  I would have loved a thin cardboard box, but I couldn't find one.  :) Just have fun with it.  When you're done - slip the seed packet into the ribbon on top so that your gift-ee can take a look at how they are best planted, AND they will know not to eat them. hahah.  :)

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    I've seen versions of these in various nurseries & boutique gift shops.They are so cool, but too pricey. This is an awesome alternative!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for adding the credit. I should have joined sooner, since I DO like to read Instructables. And I'm flattered that people like the concept enough to want to try it at home. My goal is to get people out and gardening - start with learning how to grow plants from seed and soon you'll be growing your own backyard veggies for dinner, hybridizing new plants or learning how to cultivate heirloom crops.
    Above all, keep gardening!
    Garden Bon Bons (patent pending)


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    thank you! :D pretty good for a cup of dirt, huh? lol!