Introduction: Seed Launcher

Do you live in an urban area where your urban spaces are seeing a lack of greeny or the spaces you do are feeling a bit neglected? Or perhaps you simply know of some disused spaces, scrubland or small plots of land on the pavement that could do with a breath of fresh air?

Thats where this adapted launcher comes into play, made from simple materials you can access easily from your own home, that are inexpensive and can be made on the fly, this Seed Launcher is a great tool to spread seeds easily and discreetly, think a drive-by sowing rather than the other obvious connotations. The simplicity allows room for modification and iteration if desired by you, the maker, allowing you to get personal ownership.

Based off the interests and passions of my younger sister as a gift, her love of politics and new found enjoyment of gardening and cultivating plants formed the core of the project, and this idea was concieved developed and finalized on a 5 week project titled 'Happy Birthday' for Furniture and Product Design at Bath Spa University. Obvious lockdown circumstances meant we were left to create an object from household items (thanks corona) and hopefully I've addressed this challenge.

Check out the PDF for step by step instructions.

Drop Seeds, Not Bombs.


Aluminium Can

Rubber Bands

Toilet Roll Tubes


Glue gun or superglue





Step 1: Kit List

Here's a clear image of ALL the stuff you'll need to make the launcher

Step 2: PDF Download PLEASE USE!!!!!!!

Click the link to download, it provides much clearer and better presented instructions....

Step 3: Short Video

Short video of the launcher in action...

Step 4:

Cut down the centre of 1 tube with a knife

Step 5:

Reduce the diameter of the tube and tape up

Step 6:

Make 2 small holes towards the bottom of the same tube and stick a pencil through

Step 7:

On the other tube, cut 2 small slits on one side and then repeat it on the opposite side

Step 8:

Put one end of the bands into each side

Step 9:

Attach the bands onto the pencil!