Introduction: Seed Paper

Recycled paper that you can put back into the earth!

Step 1: Collect Materials

  • Recycled/ used paper
  • Water
  • Old blender
  • Seeds of choice
  • Screen (you can use a window screen)
  • Cellophane
  • Rolling pin
  • Towel
  • Paint
  • Brushes
  • Scissors

Step 2: Blend Paper

  • Rip paper into shreds and put into the blender
  • Add water fill up 1/4 of the blender
  • Blend in increments mixing if needed
  • Blend until it makes a mushy texture

Step 3: Drying the Paper

  • Place screen on top of the towel
  • Put paper mush on screen, pour seeds on, and mix them into the paper
  • Press the paper into the screen until it makes a thin sheet
  • Be sure that you pressed a majority of water out of the paper
  • Put a sheet of cellophane paper on top and roll it flat with a rolling pin
  • Carefully take off the cellophane and leave the paper to dry on screen for one day

Step 4: Making Paper Into Card

  • Cut into 4x6 squares
  • Paint on chosen design

Step 5: Making Paper Into Bookmark

  • Cut into 2x6 pieces
  • Paint on chosen design
  • Punch a hole at the top
  • Add string

Step 6: Making Paper Into Car Freshener

  • Cut paper into the desired shape (no bigger than 5x5)
  • Drop on chosen essential oils
  • Paint on design
  • Add more essential oil
  • Punch hole at the top
  • Add string

Step 7: Enjoy Your Seed Paper!!

After you are done using paper you can plant, water, and grow it!