Introduction: Seeeduino Curtain Control

We often forget to pull up our curtain and just turn on fluorescent lamp if we have an automatic curtain, we can save the energy and contribute to the low carbon living.
The designed curtain has two modes: automatic mode and remote control mode.

1)Seeeduino V328 Brain accept information from sensors and give information to motor driver
2)small direct curent motor Move the curtain
3)L298 Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver Drive the motor
4)light sensing brick Detect the light intensity
5)Electronic Brick Shield V4 Expand interfaces of Seeeduino V328
6)IR Remote control transmitter Press the key and control the motor
7)IR Remote control reciever Receive signal from IR Remote control

Step 1: How to Move the Curtain?

First:The three signal inputs of the L298 Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver are EA, I1 and I2. EA is connected to the PWM interfaces to control the speed and I1, I2 are connected to digital interfaces on the Seeeduino V328 to set steering direction.
We connect EA to Seeeduino 's PWM interfaces and connect I1, I2 to Seeeduino 's digital interface.
So we can determinate the steering direction and the speed of motor.

Second:Here I have the motor mounted on a mechanical joint yard, the mechanical production of zygote is the first to find a gear, the gear can be driven up and down sliding access to justice. This is to control, or you can manually control.

Step 2: Light Sensing Brick

Light sensor is used to detect the intensity of environmental light. This brick is based on photoresistor and outputs analog signal. We have to select a value as the criterion value. If the intensity of light achieves a certain value, which means now it is daytime the curtain pulls up automatic. And when the intensity of light falls down to a certain value, it closes automatic.
And sometimes the sunshine can be dazzlingly bright. In this case we can use the IR remote control to close the curtain.

Step 3: IR Remote Control

We use a cute Remote control radio transmitter to send remote control signal, RPM6938 IC receives the IR signal and give the data to seeeduino(v328). Seeeduino(v328) will decode the data so that the MCU can recognize which key we have pressed.

Step 4: Wiring

Data output of RPM6938 is connected with pin2 of seeeduino(v328).
Data output of light sensor is connected with analog pin2 of seeeduino(v328).
EA port of L298 Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver is connected with pin10 of seeeduino(v328).
I1 port of L298 Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver is connected with pin12 of seeeduino(v328).
I2 port of L298 Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver is connected with pin13 of seeeduino(v328).

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