Introduction: Key Hook for Remembering

Imagine a scene , you got home late , and you throw your keys in the table.The next day when you got up,you forget where you put it last night..... . I usually have this problem too in my life , and realized that current key hooks only let me hook my key on , but doesn't let me to remember where I put me key , so I make this project for

lazy bugs like me to find my small stuff easier and can be attach to place I want to hook on.


Step 1: Find a Knob to Hang the Hook

This hook works just the same as a cloth hanger,so you might want to find a knob to hang the key hook

Step 2: Bend the Clip

Then bend the clip to the shape like the image above , its the basic form for the key hook

Step 3: Test It

Well , to ensure that your key hook fit the size both for the key and the knob , hook the clip on the knob and test whether it works well.

Step 4: Add Some Rubber for the Hooking Point

You have to use color to differetiate the function of different part of the hook. Use the red paper tape and wrap it around the middle of the clip , which is the place you place the hook on to the knob,and it can also provide elastics to make the clip hook more stable on the knob

Step 5: Wrap Again(key)

Then, use green paper tape to wrap on to both edges of the clip,this can prevent the sharpness of the clip

Step 6: Use It !

HURRAY ! You just finish this key hook , you can test it in other place in your house , and can try to hook different stuffs you think you are easy to forget on it , for example , I used to throw my keys on my bed , then try to find if there's a place to hang the clip,so next time if you want to throw it in your bed , maybe it will remind you to hang your key.