Introduction: Seize Day

#IntelIoT #2015HackNTU

note: not all of the mentioned features were implemented during the HackNTU hackathon, for details please visit the footnote.

我們總是想讓自己更具生產力,但生活中總有些bug不時出現偷偷吃掉我們的時間,因此我們提出「Seize Day」,同時解決時下年輕人日常中最浪費時間的的兩個bug:

We always wanted to be more productive, but there are so many things in life that takes away our precious time without our notice.

We present "Seize Day", a product to help today's students deal with the two most time-wasting "bugs" in their daily life.


1. 鬧鐘總是叫不醒自己,叫醒了又不小心關了鬧鐘睡過頭

The alarm clock is always too hard to wake us, while too easy to be turned off, so we often end up oversleeping.

2. 定下心想認真做事時,突然冒出的FB通知讓你點開了FB後再也停不下來

You finally decided to sit down and do some work, but an unexpected Facebook notification kept you from working ever since you go and check it.


除了一般時鐘的功能以外,Seize Day 有捏捏鬧鐘、工作番茄鐘兩種模式。

In addition to the general functions of a clock, "Seize Day" has two other modes, Seize Alarm and Work Clock.

捏捏鬧鐘:不管是用手機鬧鐘或傳統鬧鐘,大家一定都有過這樣的經驗:以為自己醒了按掉鬧鐘,卻又不小心睡過頭的悲劇。因此我們重新設計貪睡功能,使用者必須緊握Seize Day才能持續貪睡,一旦昏睡後鬆手,過不久鬧鈴就會繼續叫。唯一停止方法就是起身走到書桌,把 Seize Day 放回桌上的 Dock。

We redesigned the behaviour of snoozing, upon alarm, the user must hold Seize Day tightly in their hand in order to "snooze". Once they fell asleep snoozing, they let go, and the alarm will continue to ring shortly. The only way to turn off the alarm is to get up, go to your desk and put Seize Day back to its Dock.

工作番茄鐘:Seize Day 放回 Dock 以後便搖身一變從鬧鐘變成時鐘,而當你想專心讀書/工作一段時間不被打擾,只要按一下 Seize Day 本體,即可開始計算專心工作的時間,同時暫停來自Facebook.com的所有通知。

Seize Day turns into a clock once docked. Whenever you want to focus on studying or working for a while without being bothered, just press a button, Seize Day will start calculating time you focused, and also blocks distractive notifications.

Step 1 : Go to the website and choose the Arduino extension board.

Step 2 : Choose your OS and follow the steps.

Step 3 : After you setup your Wifi, choose the Arduino IDE.

Step 4 : Use the Blink example sketch to check your Edison can work.

Step 5 : Download the code we need from and check out the Grove Starter Kit Wiki.

If have any problems on Edison you can check the guide

if you want to add some other features, go to the website and follow the steps.

If you want to run your arduino code in ubilinux you can

Step 1 : Find your compiled sketch in your temp folder

Step 2 : Name it to "sketch.elf" and drop into your Edison's "/sketch/" folder

Step 3 : Run "service restart" as root.

Step 4 : Install and setup the SSH, so that we can manage the server remotely.

***Due to our unfamiliarity with Edison board provided by sponsor company Intel and limited hacking hour, we were only able to complete some of all the designed features, which include:

- The main body of SeizeDay with time display and buzzer.

- The Dock part which is able to switch off the alarm and disable hold-to-snooze mode.

- Docked Seize Day as normal Clock

and not include:

- Turning off Facebook notification (Facebook API) (docked /working mode)

- The time recording function for docked/working mode.