Introduction: Seized Nut Solved

Here are 2 rusted on nuts holding mower blades on.

There have been times I've used this method to dismantle a trailer axle

or do it just to save time and your knuckles.

If you don't need to save the nut and bolt this is the best way to get a nut off

You will need,

  • angle grinder with a cutting disc
  • hammer and cold chisel
  • safety gear

Step 1: Mind Your Sparks

I was a bit off centre on the first one,best to start the cut and check you're in the middle

Then just cut down the nut,if there is a washer it's easy to see when you're through.

Now hold the cold chisel in the cut on one side of the nut and hit it with the hammer.

Be careful,the nut halves might fly off like shrapnel.Put a rag around it to avoid this.

I included photos of four larger bolts I had to remove.They were very tight as you can see from

the broken one (when it let go I was lucky to fall back on to grass).

The others had 20mm of thread to spare,I cut them off flush with the nut.

This melted the nylock and heated the nut and they all undid like new.

It saved me going to the next step of splitting nuts.

Maybe try cutting half way and test if the nut is free. Use thick cutting disc to generate more heat.

Next time I think I will show how to cut welds.Watch out for "Cutting tips" .