Introduction: Select a Resistance (DEI 555T Hacked)

OK so I have a old DEI 555t module laying around. It is a module for a remote starter system for a GM. So I saw the Hack it contested and want to make something for it. So first thing was to get the thing open and see what I had to work with. So grab a small screw driver and a pair of pliers.

Step 1: Its Open

Now that we have cracked the case lets see what we are working with. So I see we have 10 switches, 10 resistors, 2 relays and some wires. Hey here is an idea. Lets make something were I can pick a resistor on the fly. Well I don't need anything that is not a switch or a resistor. Lets get rid of what is not needed.

Step 2: Removing What Is Not Needed.

OK so now heat up the soldering iron and remove what we do not need . It might be a good idea to save a few pieces of wire for later. Now would also be a great time to find out what resistors you have and change out witch ones you don't want to keep.

Step 3: Lets Study the Circuit Board and Make Some Changes.

Ok so let look at the circuit board and see what we need to change to make this thing work. So the first thing I noticed what that I need to move 2 resistors. So after moving a few things around, cutting some traces, connecting some stuff and adding in some wire it is ready to test.

Step 4: Testing

OK now that it is all built and ready to go lest test all the circuits. Hook it up to a meter and check each switch. If all the switch are off and you have resistance something is wrong. Go back and check your work. If you don't have any resistance turn each switch on and off to see if they all are working. Please enjoy this inscrutable and let me know what you thing of my hack.

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