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Introduction: Seleziona's Break Action Rifle

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Hey! A ton of you guys wanted me to post the V1 of this, so I made a different one that shoots 15 feet further and looks almost the exact same! Let's see those Pros and cons!

50 feet range!
2 bullets shot at a time (it's a shotgun!)
Looks amazingly cool!
has a compartment in the stock where you can put extra bullets!
The gun breaks apart if you shake it hard and sharply

no pin guide

This gun can hold alot more bands than a gun with one pin, because this one has 2 firing pins sharing the same elastics.

This would be a good primary war gun, or a good gun if you just wanna shoot some targets!

Step 1: Real/ Fake Barrel

This is the big barrel! Get buildin'!
1: What you'll make
3: Build the side panels
4: make the grip young padawan!
5: we gonna make this block
6: make all the stuff for the block
7: Put pieces on that tiny panel
8: add another layer!
9: mirror what you just did and add the rest
10: put together, don't get scared of the spider!
11: an ugly picture...... whatever. Add all those blue rods and the white rods.
12: Add that long piece!
13: get two of these and add them on either side

Finito! Good job padawan! Next step!

Step 2: Handle/ Back Barrel

Yay! Another hard part. Get going!

1: Build all of this. (read image notes!)
2: Build the trigger and get those white rods
3: Add everything shown onto the panel with all of the blue rods.
4: Add the panel with the broken rod and the tan clips and white rods. Also, add the orange connector things too!
5: Add the last panel, the trigger, and that thing on the top. Get 1 more white rod and add them as shown.

Step 3:

WTF???? Broccoli? No no no nooo! Go to the next step!

Step 4: Stock

You can hold extra bullets here, and the cover clips into a part on the handle...... BUILD!

1: Get this stuff
2: Put together
3: put last panel on

Step 5: Building and Loading

Title says all. WAIT! ONLY TWO PICTURES! That's easy!

1: Put the barrel and the handle on!
2: Add The stock!

Ok! Elastics are easy enough to put on..... soooo.....
Bullets are yellow rods and grey clips! Now let's load the gun!

Step 6: Loading!

pic 1: bullets.

To load: pull back BOTH firing pins. Then break the gun at its' breaking part. You may now put two bullets in WITH THE GREY CLIP CLOSEST TO YOU! OR ELSE! Now you can close up the gun. Then you pull trigger! Repeat.

You can also put bullets in the stock if you want to!

HAVE GUN! oops, i meant gun!

Step 7: Another Top Loader

This gun shoots blue rods, and has a 25 mag capacity. DO NOT ASK ME TO POST! I BROKE IT!

(the picture is of the whole gun)

Step 8: Tactics

Hi, selez wanted me to do a tactical step, because this isn't an ordinary gun. by Visper123. so click meh and sub, or you will regret it. not sure how you will though...
okeydokey, first, depending on the range you managed to get, you may want to consider using this as a medium range sniper. if you have a little fort in your knex war, then you could just sit there, wait for someone to come near, and pick them off quite simply, but unless you have a sidearm with a high ROF, then you will most likely come across a few problems. if two people come at once, unless they are close together, you will only be able to take out one, and unless you are hidden, the other one will see its a break action, and most likely taunt kill you by walking up to you. I'm sure you can find other ways which that won't work, so if you are using this tactic, be sure to have a MAG FED sidearm, or someone else with you who has a good gun. also, you may seriously want to consider shortening the barrel. this will give you much faster reload times, and you will be able to manouver around much better. ever played TF2? if you have, the scout, has a break action shotgun. his tactics would work perfectly in a war, which are;
attack from the sides, behind or above, then run away to create a distraction, or a wild goose chase. this will give your teammates with cheesels, a much better chance to jump round the corner and start popping their corns (SHOOTING their GUNS) at the enemy. hide around corners, under desks, or any other place, then wait for someone to walk past.
If you are playing a game which involves health, (eg. 5 hits equals kill, 1 headshot equals kill, 4 hits equal final stand) then you can run up to them, shoot them, and run around them, heres the math;
Fast moving objects, look roughy twice as fast if they are 2 times closer, and look roughly 5 times faster if they are 5 times closer. this may work with someone who has a big gun, or who is big, as they may get confused.
try and draw the enemy away from your other teammates.
and now incase you don't know, heres what NOT to do.
do not run into a big group and try to kill them.
do not run into corners. you will get nervous and when you see them peeking round the corner, you will fire a shot, then you will miss like they planned, and they will WALK, up to you and shoot you.
do not run around corners if you have a big barrel, if somone is waiting there you won't be able to manouver quickly enough.
do not attempt kamikaze, you will most likely get yourself killed without taking anyone down.
do not get yourself killed. if you manage to do that, then you will no doubt win!
thanks for reading, if you think of other tactics, then post a comment, and if they are any good, I'll put them in!

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Question 27 days ago

Can u post the images of how to make it shoot and make the trigger work cause it shows on he starting images but there is no step on how to make it work

An Villain
An Villain

12 years ago on Step 3

broccoli? BROCCOLI!


Reply 10 years ago on Step 3



10 years ago on Step 8

find a big group ,get a machine gun ,hide , fire ,kepp on firing.
The enemy will be confused and shoot randomly, you can them kill them :)


10 years ago on Introduction

its great, made seperate triggers and added a sight and grenade launcher. In my opinion the best assault weapon i ever had. coupled with a pistol i designed (looks like a .44 automag) i never lose battles. if anyone wants me to post the automag drop a comment on my profile.


Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

Awesome! Thanks for building it, and maybe you could show me a pic of your rifle?


Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

yeah sure, ill have to convince my sister to let me use her camera as ia m too lazy to clean up and find my own unless you want crappy low quality pictures from a video camera that cost 30 bucks. and i took off the nade launcher but ill try to put it back on and i converted back to a single trigger but ill put two on again if you want


10 years ago on Step 6

AGES ago I built and loved this gun.

About 10 months later (now) out of bordem I built it - an I LOVE it AGAIN!

I love break action guns.

Beasty gun mate. The 1 of 3 guns ive built 2+ times


Reply 10 years ago on Step 6

Haha, thanks :D


10 years ago on Introduction

fugrrrrrrrr i wasted 2 and half hours of my life building this gun and whne i finaly finished it and i got to shoot it i shot it self to pices so now i can be arsed to re build thx any way good i dea try make a new one only 1 barel plzzzzzz and dosent destroy it self


10 years ago on Introduction

dose anny one have or know a better singel baraled brake action shotgun that dosent destroy it self and part of my face thats righ it made me bleed when it blew it self up (awwwww!!)


10 years ago on Introduction

hey im trying to make this gun right then i get to the next step and im out of white snow flakes parts can u do the instructions for less pices and only us never minde idea can i make the gun using the blue snow flakes with a grove in them?


12 years ago on Introduction

if you remove the front towards the grip and the stock you will have a sorta spaz 12 or something or a normal shot gun!