Introduction: Self Aiming and Engaging Gun

This is controlled by image processing method for finding and eliminating human moving in front of the camera.
this can be used for

pinball gun

paint gun laser

tag gun

i am going to use laser just to demonstrate . u can use anything

Step 1:

Step 2: Parts

1.Arduino uno or msp430 or any micro controller with serial communication facility



4. SERVO motors(positional control)X2

5.servo mounts and ply woods


7. small laser pointer (or) electrically operated pain ball gun etc

Step 3: Uploading Msp430 Program (energia)

energia is same as arduino ide. this program can also be used for arduino uno(you just have to change the pin numbers that all it needs).

connect the board to your computer and click upload

that's it

i have uploaded the edited version of the matlab code in this pro.rar file


Step 4: Image Processing

open matlab software

browse to the downloaded file and load the checksent.m file

change the webcam number to yours

line no 3 = change the webcam number if you are using 2 or more webcam simultaneously

(vid = videoinput('winvideo',1);)

line no 8= change the com port number to your needed com port

(s = serial('COM4','BaudRate',9600);)

click play

Step 5: Calibration

this is the though job . i had given you the values for an 7 feet room . in case if you are using this mechanism for a different sized room you have to find the angle for the ground and top servo (enter a new angle and check where the laser hit, then find the distance between the points and change the angle to reach your point are the center of the box)..... just an hour or two will be enough for finding and updating these values .

Step 6: Fitting

do it as shown in the image

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