Introduction: Self Balancing Stick Man

I like this project thats why i made this

Hi i am Samarth and i am from kaggalipura nook, today i am going
to show you how to make Self balancing stick man using old waste items.


Ice stick (3)

Waste c d (1)

Screw (4)

Waste pen (1)

Bottle cap (2)

Hot glue

Step 1: Ice Cream Sticks

First take 3 ice stick and mark it cut them as it is in photo.

Step 2: Fix Screw

Next stuck ice stick and screw like in step 3.

Step 3: Bottle Cap

And stuck bottle cap to the ice stick with glue as in the pictur.

Step 4: Cd

Next stuck bottle cap to the c d as in picture and make hole on the bottle cap and stuck pen on it

Step 5: Finel

Place the toy on pen it will balence on the pen.