Self Contained

Introduction: Self Contained

I have recently started learning about Arduino and its capabilities. I love electronics so I thought I would explore. Well I kept having a problem of where to put the board and breadboard. So I came up with this. Its a block of UHMW Plastic I had gotten from work. I am a machine builder so I have access to machining equipment. Well I first attached the Arduino and the bread board. That wasnt good enough so I milled a slot for a 9v battery and a hole for the power wires. That wasn't good enough so I milled up a cover for the battery. Now I can experiment and also be portable.

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    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks. The USB cord is almost heavier than the arduino and I wanted something heavy enough to keep it on my table. I have the resources for all sorts of projects I just have to learn some programming.