Self Hair Cut Mirror

Introduction: Self Hair Cut Mirror

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Hey guys! I cut my own hair for the very first time last week and did a fair job but found it diffuclt to maneuver the handheld mirror I had. After seeing the high cost of a three way mirror I thought up a way to do it on a budget.


3 mirrors with plastic or wood frame, if metal use your own discretion on how you will hinge them together. You will also need hinges, I used for small ones with bolts and nuts to fasten them to the sides of the plastic mirrors. And one final hanging screw to hang the mirrors where you will be cutting your hair.

Step 1: Bolting the Hinges to Each Mirror

Not much to it here guys, if you’ve ever put up hinges its the same deal hear. You want to take your time and make sure you’ve marked your holes well before you drill. I used Dollar King mirrors, if your trying to do a very clean and professional job then maybe not go the cheapest route like i did, but to save your self a couple of bucks Incase you want some classy mirrors... You can buy 3 10x8 picture frames for $16 on Amazon and you can buy for an additional $8 Rustoleum mirror finish and there’s a YouTube tutorial that teaches you to make window glass like the kind picture frames have, and make them into mirrors. I was going this route but i like $4 over $23. I had the small hinges that I bought in bulk but ill estimate this at like $5. In the case you use wood frames you will need screws instead of bolts. After that’s done put a screw where you want the mirrors to hang. I noticed there’s a bit of a loose swing between the mirrors when I was maneuvering the mirrors into position to get just the right angle so I will have to play with it a bit but don’t foresee it to be a big deal. In the retail expensive version it hangs and your able to adjust it and its also travel friendly, which mine are not... so when you hang it, size it up for your height... and cut your hair before travel or pack your self cut mirror carefully because glass is dangerous! Be careful guys! Cheers!

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