Introduction: Self Made Triple (3x 250W) Laboratory Power Supply With DPS5005 and USB Modules

Easy to build and cheap high end Lab Power Supply with 3x 250W (50Vdc & 5A each Panel). You are able to connect each DPS5005 to your PC to control the Panels each seperately.

It will take 4 to 8 hours to build this Powersuplly, the time depands on you machinery ect.

All Documents for download as follow:

* Bill of Material
* DXF Drawings for Front- and Rearpanel
* Drawings for the Front- and Rearpanel Foils (SVG Files, use Inkscape (open source) to edit)

The Lab Powersupply can be build for round about EURO 250,00 excluding Powersupplys you will use.
Enjoy building and have a good time.

We take no responsibility for any safty regulation or the function of the Powersupply!
Each individual is responsible for his own construction!
Take care about high voltage parts and installation!

!Risk of death or serious injury!

Step 1: Prepare Front and Rear Panel

Cut out the Front- and Rearpanel with a milling machine, laser cutter or by hand. The Frontpanel would be easy cut out by hand. The Rearpanel could also be cut out with many drills for example with 10mm Drill.

After you have done the cut out you can customize the Drawings on your own.
Print out the drawings on some selfadhesive foil. Laminate the foil to the Front and Rearpanel. You can cut out the gaps for alls parts easy with a cutter.

Step 2: Install All Parts

Now install all Parts as shown on the pictures.

Step 3: Install Powersupplys

I have used some double sided tape to fix the Powersupplys. The Powersupplys are connected toghether in series to reach more the 50Vdc. Yes correct, thats 24Vdc PS, so over all we have 48Vdc. But there is a potentiometer on the PS to increase the Voltage up to 28Vdc each PS. On the Top of the Pictures are the 240Vac side, both PS are connect parallel.
You can also install each PS you have, which depands on your needs on power an voltage and the size wich have to fit into the case.
After that connect the secoundary side with 2x 28V in series. Use wires with a diameter of 2,5mm², please take care about the current you have to drive.

Step 4: Connecting 240Vac

Now solder the 240Vac terminal to the wires. The used terminal hase a 5x20mm fuse included. As well dont forget to connect the earth conductor to the case .
Connect PE to the case!

Step 5: Connecting the DPS5005

Now connect all DPS5005 to the Powersupply and the red and black banana jack's. Solder the banana jack's and connect them via short wires to the DPS5005.

Step 6: Mount the USB Connectors and USB Modules

Use a thick double sided tape to mount the USB Modules on the Powersupplys. Take care about any short cut!
Mount the USB A Connector to the Rearpanel and connect them to the USB Module with USB-A to Micro USB cables. You don't have to do any soldering with this solution.

Step 7: Finishing and Mounting the Case

Final mount the Front and Rearpanel to the buttom case. Fix all wires and take a look of any shortcut ect.

After testing all DPS5005 put on the top case - and FINISHED. Now you have a rear great Lab Powersupply with USB Connection of each DPS5005.

Have fun.