Introduction: Self Service Cat Scratcher

Christmas came a little early for my cats this year. I made and installed a Self Service Cat Scratcher on the wall between our kitchen and living room. It's near their food dish so they can grab a quick scratch every time they walk by.

Step 1:

You'll need about eight inches of scrap 2x4

Four 1" x 1" squares of double stick foam mounting tape

Two spiral bristle toilet bowl brushes.

Paint, if you wish.

And for tools:

A saw. Band saw, hand saw, saber saw or circular saw.

A drill motor with a drill bit to match the spiral wires.

I started out by cutting the plastic handle off the brushes. These came from Walmart and were $ 0.97 each. The handles went into the recycle bin. Then, straighten out the brush portions.

Using my bandsaw I cut the 2x4 into two squares and reduced them to 3x3 and thinned them to about 1 1/4" . Cut them as shown, to fit the corner of the wall and drill the four holes which should fit the wires.

Step 2:

Paint them if you like, and then assemble the top and bottom, with the brush units inside.

Step 3:

Then, just put the foam mounting tape inside each contact area and stick it all up where the cats can find, and use it. And remember, every hair that ends up on the scratcher is one less on your couch or the clothes you wear to work.