Introduction: Self Watering Fridge Garden

Create a mini indoor fridge garden which is self watering. Sure to brighten up anyone's kitchen.


4 empty beer can
Wicking material e.g. stocking.
Neodymium magnet

Hot glue gun

Step 1: Cut Can in Half

  • Cut a beer can in half.
  • Trim the edges using scissors.

Step 2: Make Filling Tube

Using another beer can:

  • Cut off top and bottom.
  • Trim edges
  • Cut vertically down the middle.
  • Flatten out by rolling against an edge.
  • Roll into a filling tube and secure with packing tape.

Step 3: Make a Wick

A wick, which will suck water up from the bottom can to the top can can be made from a piece of stocking.

  • Fit the wick between the cans. Have about a centermeter (1/2 inch) showing in the top can. Too much can give the plant too much water.
  • Place the top can on the bottom can and press together to join them. Add in a filling tube, secured with hot glue.

Step 4: Paint White

  • Spray paint the assembled cans white. It's surprising on the transformation this makes from empty beer can to stylish plant holder.

Step 5: Add in Magnet

  • Tape a powerful (Neodymium) magnet to to the top side of the can. Don't use glue. The magnet needs to be directly against the side of the can. For safely, keep these magnets away from small children.

Step 6: Add in Plants

  • Add in a plant and fix to the side of your fridge. The magnet will hold the can, with plant,securely. Plants which do well in the small containers are similar to what will grow in terrariums. For example; Button ferns.

Step 7: One Year on and the Plants Are Still Doing Well.

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