Self Watering Pot

Introduction: Self Watering Pot

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So this project is very easy going and equally useful. Anyone with a little or negligible knowledge about Arduino can also successfully make this project


You Will Need

Arduino UNO (microcontroller)

Its Data Cable

Soil moisture sensor

few jumper cables

5v water pump submersible with tubings

Water tank/small box

1 channel 5v relay module

And Arduino IDE

Step 1: Understand the Code

In this project code is very short and sweet and pretty much self explanatory

Step 2: Connect All Pins Correctly


connect the Sensor's A0 pin with Arduino's A0 pin

connect VCC of sensor with Arduino's 3v3 pin

connect VCC of relay with Arduino's 5v pin

connect Realy's signal pin to D13 of Arduino

connect gnd of relay and sensor with Arduino

Connection of relay and pump:

connect +ve of cell to common port of relay and +ve of pump with NO port

connect -ve of cell and pump dirrectly

Step 3: Hurray...! Project Completed

Now tune the sensor 'limit' value to get optimum results

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