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Introduction: Self Watering Pot Under SGD $5

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I love plants, but they never last with me.

Being an urban dweller, our lifestyle sometimes makes it really difficult to take care of plants. Quick trip away from home, you would return home to face lifeless plants.

I have been looking around for self watering pots in Singapore with little luck. There are lack of choices and those that are available just plain pricey. I googled for some DIY project and found myself excited over several available DIY selections, but all those drilling, marking, heavy cutting caused me to procrastinate further.

Being the lazy urban dweller that I am, I took my love for simple and easy gardening and made this really REALLY easy DIY self watering pots. Have I also mentioned how clean and sleek it looks?

The logic is you have to find compatible pots and bucket. Your plant pot must be shorter and able to sit on top of the bucket.

It is SO easy that there is no excuse for you not to do it and plus it is incredibly cheap!

I spent SGD $6, but really all you need to spend is $4 as I bought brand new towel as my wick.

I got all the materials from Daiso - $2 store in Singapore

White Pot - $2

Brown 7 pot plant - $2

Old Towel / clothes - Free (I bought mine for $2)

Time spent - 15 min

Have fun!


Step 1: The Materials

Go to your nearest Daiso and grab the following:

1. White (or any other colour) bucket - $2

2. Plant Pot - preferably with the hinge at the top for easy placing on top - $2

3. Old towel - Free OR buy $2 from Daiso

Step 2: Create the Wick

This is the wick that will absorb the liquid from the storage container to your plants

Cut the towel / clothes. The length depending on how big your pot is. Measure to fit

Once cut, tie a knot in the middle to act as a stopper

Step 3: Place the Wick on the Pot

Place the wick on the pot with the knot inside the Pot

Place several wicks inside one pot to ensure there are multiple sources of water absorption

Step 4: Voila - Self Watering Pots Created - All for $4!

Place the pot on top of the bucket, your self watering pot is done.

Now time to get your hand dirty and transfer your plants.

For first time watering ensure you water from top and check the water reservoir by lifting the pot.

Happy Gardening!

xoxo Natnetnot

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Very clever! This looks like a great, simple solution to plant watering. Thanks!