Introduction: Gear Made With Plastic Gift Cards.

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Meet my little friends-gear made from plastic gift cards-they may give you a little help.

Step 1: Flexible Plastic Gift Card May Give a Little Edge

Made from a gift card--this is not a weapon of choice but an easily made little spiked tool that may give a you little edge in a tight spot. Find an old gift card made from plastic but flexible. Scissor, hole punch, ruler and pen.

Step 2: Measure Punch Cut

Measurement will vary to the size of your hand. Punch holes at corner marks. Along the top use hole punch to punch out semi-circles leaving sharp points where punch-outs meet. Cut out center.

Step 3: Hit and Run

Store in wallet. To deploy hold between fingers in your fist. Use more to slash and scratch your assailant. If you must use this defense tool first try to run away but if that is not an option then strike in the soft parts in and around the eyes. Then run. Will collect DNA.

Step 4: And Another Little Friend

The center cutout can be fashioned into a thumb held deterrent. Use hole punch or scissors to make sharp pointy edge.
Use sandpaper to smooth edge that will contact fingers and hand. Use with short jabs and pokes to soft areas of your attacker -- not a full fisted punch.
This plastic is fun to work with and can be made into other useful things.
I now just need to find a supply.

Step 5: My Peaceful Little Friend

Sometimes you want just to listen to some peaceful music but your tangle ear buds just give you the blues. With a gift card and some easy cuts you can tame unruly ear buds.

Make a notch in each short end. Make V cuts along the long side. Sand all edges smooth. Slip Ear bud in notch wrap around V's and tuck in plug in the other notch. To deploy unwrap from plug end.

Ear bud storage can cut vegetables and cooked meats.

Step 6: My Little Camp Friend

This little tool is perfect for the lightweight camping kitchen. Using a hole punch, punch out half circles on a long edge making sure to clip points where the half circles meet.

Easily carried in a pocket or pouch with no fear of being cut. If you come in contact with cutting edge the most you will feel is a little poke. yet, it will cut fruit, vegetables, bread, cheese and cook meats.

Step 7: Paracord Belt Buckle

Using hole punch and scissors punch and cut out L-shaped notches on long side. On short side punch out three holes on other three connected holes.

Cut paracord to your size. Thread through and knot ends in the outer of the holes then back through center hole use to adjust belt length.

Adjust knots so it is the right fit for the center L-notch allowing you to gain and lose weight..

To buckle run end through belt loop and buckle by running end loop through connected holes and wrap around L-notches.

Step 8: Arrowhead Shapes

Plastic Gift Cards or Customer Loyalty Cards can be given a second life. This plastic can be easily cut and shaped. Here is an arrowhead shape. The material readily accepts paint and can be given a fake flint look.

This shape can also be used as a camping friend if cut with a scalloped edge and as a thumb held attack deterrent.

Step 9: Wearable Gear From Plastic Gifts Cards

Metal finish spray paint creates wearable art gear.
Hammered Bronze Belt Buckle and Copper Bolo Tie.

Like cargo shorts my Paracord Bolo Tie has utility as well as fashion. The Arrowhead Bolo Tie also serves as a fashionable sunglasses keeper.

Step 10: Little Vittles Kit

This little eating kit is made from a plastic gift card. Cut the card length wise. Fork--Punch two holes one inch up on short side. Cut up to holes making three tines.

Spoon/knife--Score a crease part way up the center of the other half of the card and across the width. Then bend and shape the spoon. Use hole punch to make serrated edge.

Safety Notice: Vittles Kit was spray painted to highlight cuts and bends.

Step 11: Minimalist Wallet

An old customer loyalty card can be turned in to a mimi-wallet to carry money, ID and credit cards.

On the long side at corners use hole punch to make oblong holes then make slit between oblong holes.

In one side punch single hole for which to thread a rubber band.

To use--thread bills through one slot then through other slot and fold. Use rubber band to secure, ID and credit cards with bills or fold bills over cards to secure.

Step 12: Neckerchief Slide

Thread a 12 inch piece of paracord through the Bolo Tie and tie two loops with an over hand knot then slide scarfs, bandana. or handkerchief for great looking neck wear.