Self-learning Maze Crab Robot PROTOTYPE 1 STATUS INCOMPLETE

Introduction: Self-learning Maze Crab Robot PROTOTYPE 1 STATUS INCOMPLETE

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DISCLAIMER!!: Hi, my apologies for the poor pictures, I will add more instructions and diagrams later (and more specific details. I didn't document the process (instead I just made a time lapse video). Also this instructable is incomplete, as I did not include the circuit board layout. I will be adding that when I can!! Thank you!!

So this invention is incomplete still because I wanted to add more stuff to it, but it works! So basically what it is is a 6 legged robot that can escape a maze because it learns like an AI. I wanted to modify it so that it could respond to verbal directions (I actually bought a sound sensor and mini arduinos at frys to try to implement it) but I haven't been able to incorporate it into the current design. How this current robot works is it has three infrared emitting diodes and one infrared receiving module to send and receive signals and detect obstacles. The microprocessor is under construction, but as of now it's just processing the information about the environment so that the bot can maneuver around obstacles.

- - - - - -

I think I want to modify the bot so that it will be able to talk (using the sound sensor) and also pick things up, the reason I wanted to create this bot is because I bought a mini drone and I want to modify that so that it can be autonomous, so this crab robot project is kind of a mini project stepping stone to building my dream intellect drone. So more about my dream drone (theory), so most of the stuff I want to modify it I don't exactly know how to do yet. Some of it I think I can though, like image analyzing using a form of darknet with camera, I want it to have cautionary measures so it can avoid birds and trees and etc. I have to figure out a mechanism to protect it from crashes. I want to implement an machine learning bit into it so it can teach itself to fly to needed locations, I want it to respond to human conversation, I think another idea I had was also really far fetched, but basically this ideal drone of mine has to integrate really nicely with society because I love the idea of drones maintaining nanotechnology. I'm currently seriously pursuing nanotechnology, because I think it has so much potential. I think one of the ways it can help us through the environment, but despite it's benefits, there seem to be some dangers that accompany nano (I'm sure if you search it up you'll learn more about it). My goal with the ideal drone is to have it kind of patrol around and be both beneficial to society (no drawbacks) and have it maintain nanobots, making sure that they don't leave a designated area and etc. My idea actually came from my Mom's vaccum cleaner, the automatic one that roams around the house by itself. There's a stationary remote you lay on the ground that prevents the robot from roaming into a specific area. My drone idea would be that they can do that, run on solars, and also collect nano using a magnetic response (or something else).

Step 1: Materials

Step 2: Motor Holders, Screws, and Place T at 90º Angle

Step 3: Add Motors

Step 4: Screw in Motors

Step 5: Screw Down Sides and Attach Gears

Step 6: Screw in Gears in Arrangement Shown Above

Step 7: Screw in Legs (or Wheels Could Also Work Here Too)

Step 8: Put Rubber Semispheres on the Bottom of the Legs So There's More Traction on the Legs to Walk Around

make sure the wheels are turning quietly because to have a quiet robot is a nice robot

Step 9: Build the Circuit (I'll Leave More Info on This Don't Worry, I Will Add Circuit Diagrams and Etc)

Step 10: Add Wiring (don't Worry Will Add More Detail)

Step 11: Fin

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