Introduction: SelfCAD 3D UFO Tutorial

Today we can learn how to create 3d UFO with selfcad basic modeling command for beginner, check it out!!!

Step 1: Add Reference Image

First we need to add reference image into selfcad

- Click view > reference image

- In the left bar you can click add image, search for ufo drawing and then click open

- Reference image will be appear in drawing window. You also can change opacity to 50

- Close reference image

Step 2: Sketching With Reference Image

- Click drawing > 3d sketch

- You can use line, spline and arc tools to create profile from reference image

- We will create 2 profile in this steps

Step 3: Convert Profiles Into 3D Solid

- We can convert each profile into 3d solid with revolve tools

- Select first profile and click tools > revolve

- You can use revolve around edge > select vertical line in bottom

The next profile use the same steps with revolve tools

Step 4: Move 3d Solid Object 2

First we need to rotate 3d model in red axis

- Use move command to move object to below object 1

- Next select 2 solid object and move into center point

- After it we can use copy offset with pivot, to copy object 2

Step 5: Create Sphere

Now we can create sphere and put it on UFO body

Next you can use copy offset pivot to copy sphere around UFO body

Finally we create simpe 3d UFO with selfcad

Step 6: Video Tutorial SelfCAD 3D UFO

This is video tutorial selfcad modeling how to create 3d UFO with reference image, check it out!!!