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Introduction: Barn Modeling | SelfCAD

About: Student at the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Silesian University of Technology

Welcome to the next SelfCAD tutorial. In this instructable I'm going to show you how you can use profiles to model a simple barn. All you need is your SelfCAD account.

Step 1: Create New SelfCAD Project

Launch SelfCAD Editor and create a new project. The only thing I changed there was the project's name.

Step 2: Draw Profile

Choose 3D Sketch tool. Turn on Left/Right plane, use Rotate X slider to rotate it 7 degrees and set the Offset to -200. Look at picture 2 to see how it should look like.

Open Precision Settings and turn on snapping to the grid vertices. Draw a profile like in the 4th picture.

Step 3: Draw Second Profile

Move the R/L plane to X 200 and rotate it in the opposite direction. Draw identical profile.

Step 4: Use Loft to Make a Mesh

With both profiles selected (they can be drawn as one object or separately) use Loft tool (C+L). Make sure you have checked filling first and last profile and set the smoothness to 4.

Step 5: Draw One More Profile...

Use 3D Sketch again to draw roof shape. Turn on Front/Back plane, rotate it and set its offset. Uncheck snapping to grid vertices and select minimum step size 10. Draw a new profile.

Step 6: ... and Again

Do the same with the second side.

Step 7: Create Roof

Use Loft again. This time filling options should be unchecked. Delete bottom face.

Step 8: Add Thickness to the Roof

Add thickness (M+A) to the roof.

Step 9: Model a Ridge

In edge selection mode move top middle edge at the same height as the roof. Choose Wireframe view mode and right view, then scale the edge in the Z dimension.

Step 10: Move and Scale Next Two Edges

Select the other two edges and do the same as before

Step 11: Add Cylinder to the Scene

Now it's time to create a door. Add a cylinder to the scene and set its radius and height. It should intersect with the wall

Step 12: Scale and Flatten the Cylinder

Scale the cylinder increasing its Y dimension, then find Flatten (D+L) tool in the Deform list and use it to flatten the bottom of the cylinder. Move the object to the grid (Y = 0).

Step 13: Add Thickness to the Walls

Delete the bottom face of the barn. Select the barn and add some thickness.

Step 14: Copy Cylinder

Select the cylinder. In Tools find Copy Offsets (C+O) and don't change anything, just add copy the cylinder one time.

Step 15: Subtract Cylinder From the Wall

Select one of the cylinders and the barn. Use Stitch & Scoop, Difference (B+D) to subtract cylinder from the barn.

2nd picture shows how the result should look like. Notice that the second cylinder is invisible, but exists.

Step 16: Model a Door

Use the second cylinder to model the door. Make it thinner and rotate as in picture 2.

Step 17: Complete the Door

If you want, you can open the door :)

Step 18: Cut a Hole for Window

Add a smaller cylinder and move it above the door. Use Stitch & Scoop to cut a hole for a window.

Step 19: Use Magic Blocks

Select the barn (walls) and use Magic Blocks (C+B). Set the block density value so make the barn look like made of planks.

The barn is ready!

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