Introduction: SelfCAD Mirror Command

In this tutorial we can learn selfcad software how to use mirror command with 2 option, by default and by create copy object

Step 1: Mirror Command by Default

- To use mirror command, You can click Utilities > Mirror

- In the left, you can see mirror dialog box. And for default we can mirror the object with reference plane, like if we change mirror plan into back/front. The object will be automatically change with mirroring in back/front

- You also can use another mirror plane like bottom/top or left/right

Step 2: Mirror by Create Copy

The second options to mirror object is using create copy options. So we can duplicate object with specific mirroring face.

- You need to check create copy options

- After it, mirror plane will be change into another options like we can mirror from front, back, bottom, top, left and right

- This is pretty cool features to create duplicated object by mirror

Step 3: Video Tutorial SelfCAD Mirror Command

This is selfcad video tutorial how to use mirror command with some basic options, check it out!!!