Introduction: SelfCAD Slice AutoCAD 3D Model for Printing

Lets learn how to slice autocad 3d model for printing with selfcad software

Step 1: Export AutoCAD 3D Model

- Open your autocad 3d model

- Click A icon (top left), and click export

- Choose other formats > change file type into .stl and change name. Click save

Step 2: Import Stl File

- Open your selfcad account and create new project

- Click file > import > search stl files > open

- 3d model will be see in your selfcad drawing window

Step 3:

- Select 3d model and click 3d Print icon

- You can set printer type and others settings for printing

- Next generate Gcode and save Gcode (bottom right)

- Now you can start print with Gcode file

Step 4: Video Tutorial

This for video tutorial how to slice autocad 3d model with selfcad