Introduction: SelfCAD Tracking Image WIth Line and Spline

Today we can learn selfcad how to tracking image with line and spline to create 3d model like puzzle and others

Step 1: Insert Image Into Drawing Window

Ok, we need to insert image into drawing window before start to tracking

- Click Views menu > Click Reference Image

- In the left toolbar, you can click Add Image. Search your image and open (it will be appear in drawing window)

- You also can change opacity for the image into 60

Step 2: Time to Tracking Image

- First click drawing > choose Free Hand

- Zoom in the image, and use spline to create long curve

- For small curve we can use line command

- You also can use move point option in the left toolbar, to editing spline and line point and make fix in drawing

Step 3: Video Tutorial SelfCAD Tracking Image

This is for video tutorial selfcad how to tracking image with some easy command and steps, check it out!!!