Selfie Light Switch

Introduction: Selfie Light Switch

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This is how to make your own Selfie light switch. This instructable involves electricity (but not to difficult), drilling and gluing.

You need:

  • Photo frame from the recycle store with a dimension of about 15 x 10cm. preferably made of wood or plastic, metal is okay but difficult to drill in.
  • One Selfie masterpiece that fits the photo frame
  • An already mounted light switch. This instrucatble is designed for a EU type of light switches.
  • A piece of plastic or cardboard, or you can use the back of the photo frame.
  • A strip of plastic or metal
  • Ruler
  • Glue
  • Screwdriver
  • About 4 screws
  • Drilling machine and small drills
  • Double sided sticky tape or hotglue

Step 1: Prepare the Switch

Just in case you should turn off the main electricity switch for the part of the home you are going to mount your Selfieswitch.

Remove the front of the lightswitch with a screwdriver. Don’t be afraid to do this step because the wires are behind a metal plate and won’t get in direct contact with your screwdriver or you. (And you have turned off the main power)

Now you have revealed the mounting plate of the light switch. 2 screws are used to keep it in place.

Take your ruler (or other measuring device) and measure the distance between the two screws. For this type of switch it is usually 60mm.

Step 2: Prepare the Frame

Take your photo frame and remove the glass/plastic front and back.

Take the strip of plastic or metal and cut it in halve.

Drill the holes as shown in 3-rd picture. The 60mm is for the hole of the switch you just measured. The length of A depends on the size of your frame.

Take a larger drill to countersink the holes.

Do not let the screws extend.

Fix the two strips to the frame with the screws or you can use hotglue.

Step 3: Mounting the Frame

Unscrew the two screws holding the light switch in place. You need to unscrew them completely. Leave the light switch mechanism as it is.

Hold the frame and use the two screws to fix it to the light switch.

Step 4: Prepare Your Selfie

Make a small board to fixate your selfie on. Fot htis you can use the back of the picture frame, a piece of cardboard or plastic and cut it so there’s a enough space (about 5mm) between the frame and the photo so it can move.

Glue your selfie to the board and cut it to the same size as the board.

Use double sided sticky tape or hotglue to stick the switch knob to the back of the board.

Push the Selfie with the switch knob back on the light switch mechanism and then you’re done.

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