Introduction: DIY Selfie Stick

Selfie sticks nowadays cost around $20, it is not that high price but some people don't feel like wasting $20 on a one time use stick. So I present you a way in which you can make a selfie stick with material lying around your house and even if you have to buy some materials from it, it won't cost you more than $5 bucks in total. One more advantage of this stick would be that it would be able to support weight of even two phones whereas the selfie sticks we get in market today can support only a few grams of weight and are easily breakable.

Step 1: Materials Required:

1. Pool Stick/Wooden stick

2. A pair of Hair Clips

3. Screws

4. Drill (I used screwdriver to make holes as drill wasn't available)

5. Cut Piece of Curtain rod/Iron Rod

6. MDF/Acrylic/Wooden Sheet

7. Earphones (only the button needs to be functioning, the earphones may not)

8. Tape/Vinyl

9. M Seal/ PVC

Step 2: Cutting the MDF/Acrylic/Wooden Sheet and Hairclips

Cut the MDF/Acrylic/Wooden Sheet using an iron blade/ iron saw and make 4 rectangular pieces of it, there length and breadth must be in consideration of the size of the hair clips.

After cutting the pieces, make holes with drill/screwdriver as shown in the image, two pieces should have 3 holes(one in center) and the other two should have only two holes. You can make more holes but in vertical axis as these holes are to be used to connect with the hair clips.

After making the holes, use the screws to connect the hair clips with the cut pieces.

Step 3: What Would the Holder Look Like...

after attaching the pieces and hair clips it would look somewhat like the image. I have not shown the other two pieces as they were to be attached with the TV antenna holder which would later on be attached to the pool stick.

Step 4: Brushing the Pool Stick.

Take the top end of the pool stick and crack the outer plastic covering around it, so it becomes insertable in the tv antenna holder.

Step 5: Connecting the Holder to Stick

First, connect the phone holder to the tv antenna holder, to do that i broke the antenna's rear end and fixed it to the acrylic piece from one side and antenna holder on the other side.

after the above step, connect the pool stick to the antenna cum phone holder using M Seal or any PVC.

Step 6: Curtain Rod/Iron Rod

Take a curtain rod and cut 5 inches or suitable length for holding the stick from it, Attach screw holder on the thick end of the pool stick and a screw on one end of the cut curtain rod. Attack them together and put M Seal on it to make it a steady joint.

Step 7: Final Step

Take the earphones and attach the button end on the cut curtain rod side(see the image) and tape it till the holder side. Place the phone in the clip holder and attach the aux, press the button and you have your selfie... :) Good luck... If you have any other suggestions or queries please feel free to share.

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