Introduction: Semi-auto Rbg Pistol

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A simple gun that can hold about 14 fat rubber bands with ease.

these are really cool you can make two and have a battle with your bro'.

Step 1: Handle and Trigger

follow the steps

oh and on pic 6 make 2 of them

and in 11 and 12 thats duct tape it holds that bit so its stronger but you could use sellotape

Step 2: Handguard and Barrel

In pic 1 make 2
In pic 2 make 3
In pic 3 put in the blue rods
in pic 4 do the same

Step 3: Barrel

no comment

Step 4: Bands and Loading

the band in pic one are vital for the gun so youll need to adjust them alot tto get it right.


To load put the band on the black arm at the front and pull it back to the cog and place it on one of the double green connectors then pull the cog back one place and repeat the process til you have roughly 8-14 bands (depending on how many you have). then pull the trigger a few times and the bands should come off.

if it doesent work post a comment and maybe i will be able to help you.

Step 5: Mods

To make the gun more powerful, accurate and look better,stick this in.