Introduction: Semi Automatic Bird Feeder...

everybody recognize this. Your kidney an liver especially. Well, this was two days ago.

Step 1: Scissors

Bottles are empty. One got holes. The bigger one. With small nail curved scissors...smaller hole is made by glowing spike.

Step 2: All Parts

This is needed for the next step. Do you remember the first picture?

Step 3: New Bottle ?

Inside outside,  ... cover against rain - with nice red cup.

Step 4: Out

Sunflower grain inside. It shall last few days...
Near by are trees. And in the morning ... during day...on evening - birds.

Step 5: One Hour Later

...the first one...(to cheq)..

Step 6: It's Begun

and two...and ...

So, all together:  
Two days to  empty bottles...and
20 minutes to assemble feeder.

Sincerely yours,