Introduction: Send Email With ESP8266 (Google Docs) Google Script App + Google Spreadsheets + Gmail

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Reusing the connection is established with google cript app google and google spreadsheets, they have conducted tests of electronic mail sent availing the services of google.

In this case the ESP8266 sends a series of parameters to google Script Email Address, Subject, Message via the url,

operation is both simple and I think that is simply an option to send any eventuality from your gmail account without much complication. Simply a secure connection with Google script is done and sends a Post with the parameters required

There is another way to send e-mails and tutorials future roadmap send emails via SMTP native from ESP8266.

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Step 1: Programming ESP8266 With Arduino IDE

Tutorial Complete

1 . Programming ESP8266 with Arduino IDE

This tutorial shows how to configure and program the ESP8266 01 from arduino IDE

Step 2: Connection ESP8266 and Google Spreadsheet (Google Docs) Direct

Tutorial Complete

2. Connection ESP8266 and Google spreadsheet (Google Docs) Direct

Complete tutorial and explanation about secure connection between ESP8266 and Google App Script.

Step 3: Screenshots Tests - Components and Materials Required for Testing

1 Google SpreadSheet account google

2 Arduino IDE

3 Terminal serial ESP

4 Gmail Recive

Components and materials required for testing

1 - ESP8266 01

1 - Sensor DS18B20 Temperature

1 - Usb - TTL Converter

Step 4: Test Video Complete and Downloads