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Introduction: Send Hidden Message to Anyone Using Html | the MOIs Factory

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Hellow World!

Welcome back! Here i have another cool instructable for you!

Using one HTML we can hide the message in number codes.

I am not able to attach this file here, So please download it from here Text2Pattern.html

So, Lets get started! :)

Step 1: Select Message and Generate Code

Open this HTML file in browser(Chrome/Firefox). you will see two text box and two button.

Type your string (Text Box) : Here you have to write your short message

Your lucky number between 0 to 9 except 1? (Text Box) : Here you need to type any number between 0-9 (not 1)

Generate Code! (Button) : By Clicking on this button, you will get generated code in which your message will be hidden.

Save It : Using this button you can download your generated code as html file and can send it to anyone by email/message.

Just type your your message in first text box and in second text box type any number between 0-9(not 1) and click on Generate Code! Button.

you will see some random number.

Step 2: Read Your Hidden Message

Now its time to read your hidden message.

Just Press Ctrl + F and type your luck number which you entered while generating code and hit enter.

(In Firefox you need to click on Highlight All button after pressing enter)

Wowww You will be able to see your message now.

Isn't it pretty cool one??

Step 3: Download Hidden Message Code

Now using Save It button you can download this code as html file. It will download one html file in your computer.

Step 4: Send Hidden Message to Anyone

Its time to share this message. You can share this generated file to anyone and ask them to read this hidden message. But you have to share your luck number in order to make this message readable. (You have to share the same process as given in step #2 to allow them to read hidden message)

That's It! :)

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6 years ago

I will have to try it. This could work for a kid's activity book I am writing. We can have the kids highlight a particular number with a crayon or marker.